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World Animal Day

It’s World Animal Day today! Don't we wish for all animals to be treated like the doggies in the pictures below?

Well, it’s true that we prefer to see a spoiled dog than a neglected dog. We don’t understand why people still buy dogs at puppymills. Don’t they know that by buying dogs there, it’ll only encourage more unhealthy and miserable dogs?

We also don’t understand why people are taking dogs when they don’t have the time to be with them. We really wish people would think twice before buying a dog, and they would realize that not every dog fits your personality or lifestyle.

Some examples:

-People should know that some dogs really need long walks, every morning and evening, and other breeds prefer napping 22 hours a day.

-All dogs need human contact, but certain dog breeds need it much more than others.

-Some dogs are picky with food and will stay skinny, others are always hungry and you have got to watch their weight.

-It’s not healthy for some dogs to walk stairs, as for others it’s not a problem at all.

-Some breeds will plunge in any pond they come across, and other dogs hate water.

-There are breeds who have no problem in hot summer temperatures but other breeds you better leave inside when it’s too hot.

-Some dogs were bred to herd sheep for hours, others were bred to keep their masters feet warm, so you can imagine the characters of these dogs are totally different. And depending on what character you like, you’ll choose your dog.

But all dogs are beautiful and all breeds have their positive and negative qualities.

Animal Right Organizations who pretend to like animals but who are trying to eliminate certain breeds because they differ from the (their) norm, seem to forget what’s it all about: It’s all about love for the different animals, and love for the different breeds. With that in mind, you wouldn’t want to prohibit and eliminate breeds, but you would help all the breeds, where necessary, to get healthier.

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