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Our new leaflet

Here it is: our new info leaflet of the foundation Welzijn voor de Hond/Welfare of the Dog. The foundation was created because of the negative and sometimes incorrect information here in The Netherlands about the brachycephalic dog breeds. Originally meant for the Dutchies but we noticed much interest in our foundation from people in other countries too, that’s why we translate most of our articles in English as well.

Dutch powerful animal right organizations have been rolling out expensive campaigns to convince people and the Dutch Government to the need of banning brachycephalic breeds and we think it’s only natural to at least provide a small counter-argument to all this. In some of our posts here, and on our website, you’ll read articles and see video’s of important research on the subject BOAS, and we talk about the different animal friendly solutions to BOAS. We know that when these animal right organizations will succeed in banning the brachycephalic breeds, other breeds will follow. We don’t think it’s okay trying to ban complete breeds just because a part of them isn’t healthy. As an animal friendly society we should always focus on healthy solutions for all dog breeds, and encourage healthy breeding programs. We’ll be handing out the info leaflets September 3. 2023, when we’ll be at the “Bullendag” in Heerjansdam and we’ll have a little gift for those who follow us here and subscribe for our newsletter. See you there!

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